First of all, many thanks to your government for accepting the petition from our people – Case Number - 00732000-206

However, I am very sorry for not responding to you until now.

I am, ShenRong-Hua, the Chairman of the Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China. I personally do not understand very much English, so I need to hire the translation company to translate all the letters. Theprevious letter to President Obama was also translated by the translation company. After I received the response from your country on May 20, I needed to hire the translation company to translate again before I could reply to you…I am very sorry to keep you waiting! The following is the further detailed information requested by your country.


Date and Cause for the Occurrence:

The so-called phrase that“food is the primary need of people”, and certainly the same applies to pets as both feeds and canned food are the daily necessities for them.When there was an outbreak of cases of pet collective death due to renal failure in the Republic of China (ROC) in Feb 2004, the Pedigree brand feeds and canned food, produced by your country’s food manufacturer Effem Foodsof Mars Incorporated, were tested by our country’sCouncil of Agriculture, Executive Yuanto be toxic pet foods containingseveral types of “mycotoxins” including: aflatoxin B1,ochratoxin A,T-2 toxin or heavy metalscadmium,arsenic,mercury and leadand etc.; melamine was also illegally added to the pet foods, and this has seriously affected the health of the pet owners. This resulted in the outbreak of pet collective renal failure death incident in our country back in 2002, and now it is already 2016! Twelve years have passed and your country’s Effem Foods of Mars Incorporated is still reluctant to come forward to apologize, coordinate and compensate the victims in our country.


We are very much in urgent need – for your government to come forward and assist in providing the information:


On Jan 7, 2016, we sent a letter to American Institute in Taiwan FDA, and on March 21, 2016, we, via our foreign institute, requested the American FDA to provide the following related litigation or compensation information, such as:


1. n a six-day report announced by 2008 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it pointed out that the dry pet food produced by the American company Mars Petcare was contaminated by salmonella, and at least 79 people became ill from being in contact with the pet food, and many of these people are children; currently this product may still remain dangerous.


2. On May 7, 2012, the large American pet food manufacturer Diamond Company’s feed products were possibly contaminated by salmonella, and caused 12 children infected with salmonella poisoning; among the infected, the two-year-old Amy was also infected from being in contact with the contaminated dog food. Her parents were not informed that Amy got infected as a result of the contaminated dog food until later on, and filed legal proceedings against the pet food company in 2014.


So far, the American Institute in Taiwan FDA and the American FDA of your country still are not willing to provide: “the compensation information related to the human damage caused by the above animal feeds”. Your manufacturers add illegal toxic substances in the feeds and let the lives of the people of the Republic of China be under serious threat. I very much hope that your country can actively and quickly provide the information, so that all countries around the world can see the human rights actions taken by your country by caring about the Asian consumers a great deal, and I believe, with your strong sense of justice…


You would never let the Asian pets and pet owners become the victims of the toxic pet food, would you? You would never let the unscrupulous pet food companies affect the reputation of your country either!


This is a matter of life-and-death.



This letter will be disclosed on the Association official website and other websites”


Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China

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