A public letter to the Respected President Obama:


We believe the whole world knows that the United States of American (the USA) is the world's No.1 great power and that you broke the American tradition and became the first African-American president in American history with your own efforts! It can be imagined that how many more times’ efforts you have made than what others have made in order to have today’s success. In 1776, the USA was the first country to include the protection of human rights in the Constitution. The USA has always been a very great country that pays great attention to human rights. I know neither politics nor foreign policies, but I have often seen in the TV news that how busy you always are every day, and you are close to the people and have a friendly attitude towards the people in the world. Watching all of this, I am much moved inside, and I think…..This is what makes you and the USA great, and I believe that you are also busy and worried about the peace and freedom in the world at this moment.


On Jan 7, 2016, we sent a letter to American Institute in Taiwan FDA, and on March 21, 2016, we, via our foreign institute, requested the American FDA to provide the following related litigation or compensation information, such as:


In a six-day report announced by 2008 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it pointed out that the dry pet food produced by the American company Mars Petcare was contaminated by salmonella, and at least 79 people became ill from being in contact with the pet food, and many of these people are children; currently this product may still remain dangerous.


On May 7, 2012, the large American pet food manufacturer Diamond Company’s feed products were possibly contaminated by salmonella, and caused 12 children infected with salmonella poisoning; among the infected, the two-year-old Amy was also infected from being in contact with the contaminated dog food. Her parents were not informed that Amy got infected as a result of the contaminated dog food until later on, and filed legal proceedings against the pet food company in 2014.


So far, the American Institute in Taiwan FDA and the American FDA of your country still are not willing to provide: “the compensation information related to the human damage caused by the above animal feeds”. Your manufacturers add illegal toxic substances in the feeds and let the lives of the people of the Republic of China be under serious threat. I very much hope that your country can actively and quickly provide the information, so that all countries around the world can see the human rights actions taken by your country by caring about the Asian consumers a great deal, and I believe, with your strong sense of justice….You would not just wait around without taking any actions against this kind of illegal behaviors.


You and your people are full of wisdom, as you have created many hi-tech products and made a lot of contributions to the mankind. Since your inauguration, you have led your country to gradually get out of the financial crisis, and for the other country’s people whose lives are under threat or military force, you also take actions to serve justice and protect human rights. You are truly the savior of the mankind! I sincerely admire you.

This is a matter of life-and-death.



“This letter will be disclosed on the Association official website and other websites”


Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China

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