Media release: Australian Veterinary Association elections May/June 1996 22 May 1996

Stop the rot - Ban artificial pet food advertising.

"Only by exposing the truth can Australian pet owners hope for a fair deal," say Drs Tom Lonsdale and Breck Muir candidates in the Australian Veterinary Association elections.

"The truth is that 85% of cats and dogs over three years of age are suffering a foul smelling mouth rot known as periodontal disease. It is the most easily preventable disease which the AVA News February 1994 reported as a 'serious diet related problem.'

"Australians spend three quarters of a billion dollars annually on commercial pet food. To add insult to injury the annual veterinary bill is half a billion dollars, much of which is related to commercial diet induced disease.

"By switching to natural pet foods there would be immense health, economic and environmental benefits. Local and export industries would develop for the use of feral goats, rabbits and cull kangaroos."

In October 1995 the magazine Choice questioned the quality and independence of veterinary advice 'the Australian Veterinary Association is heavily sponsored by both pharmaceutical and commercial pet food companies; some officials are even paid consultants to individual manufacturers.'

"There are 4200 vets who can vote. Will they vote for the multi national pet food industry, or will they vote for the Australian consumers?" 原文網址 翻譯網址


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